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Pareto principle: 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.The 20 Camp…be the cause!

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The 20 Camps are designed specifically for leaders. Young men and women who are often in leadership positions now, and those who want to be. Those who want to seek God in order to learn about themselves, their calling, and how they can lead others more effectively. At camp, these leaders will be challenged and inspired to pursue God more intently and develop their leadership personally.

They will meet peers from all walks of life, participate in team building activities and goal setting workshops, among others. Participants will learn more about spiritual and practical aspects of leadership ranging from prayer to planning an event, and also be an active part of worship services.

20 camp leadershipThe 20 Camp team provides practical and pragmatic leadership development for those who are looking to become world changers, dreamers of dreams, and music makers.

These leaders learn through experiential education – learning by doing – to create the best atmosphere for individual growth and development. Participants focus on leadership development in all aspects of their life, whether it be as a student, son, daughter, friend, Christian, brother, or sister.

This is a camp for people who are looking to become better. This is a camp for those who want to change the world. This is a camp for the 20%. Be the 20.


Participants who attend the 20 Leadership Camp will learn from “Blue Shirts,” volunteers who have had extensive leadership training through a year-long programming schedule.

The Blue Shirts lead the breakout sessions and provide direct mentorship for the 20 Camp participants.

Their influence reaches from the leadership development of the participants to the fellowship of the sermons.

Becoming a Blue Shirt is an honor. Many Blue Shirts are former campers who know the benefits of camp. Their time is volunteer-based, but the opportunities are many. The Blue Shirts can eventually run a camp or travel internationally with the 20 Leadership Camp.

Australia 20 Camp


The 20 Leadership Camps have been hosted all over the world. From the Cuba 20 Camp to Brazil 20 Camp, and eventually to Antarctica 20 Camp, the 20 Camp crew has set a goal of hosting a leadership camp on all seven continents.

We will always place an emphasis on expanding the camp’s reach so that young people all across the world can find the tools necessary to develop their leadership potential. The 20 Camp uses universal leadership lessons and activities that overcome language and cultural barriers.

Coming up in 2014: Australia 20 Camp in Melbourne and Africa 20 Camp in Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Coming Up in 2015: Antarctica 20

The 20 Leadership Camp is based on leadership, but the overall focus is on Christ.

The 20 Camp is not on how to be a better Christian, our hope is that our participants are getting that development every Sunday and Wednesday. Our goal is to aid in the personal development and leadership skills of the campers because they are Christians. That they should learn the leadership of Christ and be a light unto the world.

Our mornings are started with a moment of prayer and self-reflection. Our workshops focus on aiding The 20 Camp participants into a life of focus. Our evenings are spent around the pulpit with powerful worship and meaningful messages. Every 20 Camp is centered around Christ as our leader.







Pareto Principle

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

The 20 Leadership Camp focuses on the 20 percent of the people who are wanting to create 80 percent of the results.

This 20% are the music makers and dreamers of dreams. They take their life by the reins and direct which way it will go. They know that they are responsible for their life and make no excuses.

The 20 Camp aids this group by giving them the tools necessary to be successful in an ever-evolving world. The 20% will someday be the leaders who create substantial change for our future.

20 LYL Conference

The 20 Leadership Camp also hosts leadership conferences for entrepreneurs, dreamers, facilitators, educators, and music makers.

The goal of the 20 Camp Conferences is to provide leaders of all backgrounds an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals who want to help change the world.

The 20 Camp Conferences will focus on experiential-based education as a premise of substantial learning for people who are willing to learn. Each conference uses learning styles as an opportunity to develop leaders in the best way possible.

The next 20 Camp Conference is coming to Tulsa in the Spring of 2015. Keep coming back for more information.


The 20 Leadership Camp staff is comprised of individuals with over 30 years of leadership experience.

Jerrod Murr is the founder and director of the 20 Leadership Camp. His guidance has brought the camps to a new level of success.

Ryan Eller is the VP of Programming and Development for the 20 Leadership Camp. He provides all Blue Shirts and participants with the materials that make the 20 Camp so special.

Aaron Moore is the VP of Operations for the 20 Leadership Camp. He makes the camps go. Without AMO the 20 Camp would not happen.


20 Camp gave me a voice! Camp showed me how to effectively be a leader in my own skin and personality! 20 Camp broke my worship box! Showed me how to worship God in the creative ideas He put inside of me. 20 Camp will teach you to use the calling of God on your life in day to day leadership skills!Collin Cox

20 camp absolutely changed my life and gave me a new outlook on God and the way I interact with people. It made me a better leader and a better follower of Christ.Colton Cooper

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